Shenzhen offers 20custom rubber bracelets uk0,000 yuan reward for wanted man

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The public security bureau in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, issued a notice Wednesday offering a 200,000 yuan ($29,700) reward for class-A fugitive Wang Jianzhou, suspected of financial voucher fraud.

The notice said that people reporting information on Wang’s activities or hiding place, or offering assistance in his case, will be rewarded.

The bureau also pledged to protect whistleblowers’ identities and treat all information confidentially.

Those who either assist Wang or knowingly fail to report information on him will be investigated in accordance with the law.

Wang is considered a class-A fugitive, the highest class of wanted criminal in China, by the Ministry of Public Security.

He previously worked for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Shenzhen.

The 54-year-old fled China in December 1998 on suspicion of financial voucher fraud.

The International Criminal Police Organization on Nov 4, 2016 issued a red notice on Wang, the highest level of notice for serious crimes, followed by other seven color-coded notices.

Wang Jianzhou’s information:
Name: Wang Jianzhou
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Oct 9, 1964
Nationality: Han
Native place: Wuhan, Hubei province
Domicile: Shenzhou, Guangdong province
Chinese ID number: 420104196410091635
Passport number: 145934656

Telephone: 0755-84468592, 0755-84468507
Contact Unit: Economic crime investigation bureau of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Guangdong province

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